Real Kalen Austin

Website development for an actor website.

The Client

Kalen Austin is an American actor based in San Antonio, TX. Outside of acting, he excels in boxing and extracurricular sports. Kalen won multiple national championships and traveled across the U.S. to train and compete.

The Goal

Kalen approached Still in Frame Creatives to create a custom and bespoke actor website to be able to tailor his new image on the web.

Real Kalem Austin Featured Image

Custom Pop Up

Custom Menu Pop-Up

We created a custom Pop-Up to display the navigation menu in a unique and engaging way.

Bespoke media Page

Bespoke Media Page

A fun and easy way to display media elements for reels, headshots, and other behind-the-scenes content.


Contact Page

Engaging Contact Page

An Interactive slideshow is attached to a contact form to increase engagement and speak to the new brand.. 


Long Screenshot Kalen Austin

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